MP CareSolutions is proud to be an NCQA-Accredited Care Management services organization.


The right-touch approach to Care Management.

For many people, the barriers to good health seem insurmountable. At MP CareSolutions, our approach to improving health outcomes, enhancing patient experience and providing cost-effective care is modeled on the goals of the Triple Aim.

We pride ourselves on our success in working with Medicaid and safety net populations. MP CareSolutions combines the right-touch approach in care management with state-of-the-art predictive modeling and tracking to support Medicaid, Medicare, Accountable Care Organizations, self-insured groups, Patient-Centered Medical Homes and other models of care delivery. This unique combination enables us to facilitate better care outcomes for more people and enhance the patient experience at a lower cost.

Customized Care to fit your organization's needs

MP CareSolutions has developed an approach that we believe is one of the most effective in the country in addressing the needs of high- and low-risk individuals.

  • Our evidence-based programs put us on the cutting edge of care for acute and chronic conditions.
  • State-of-the-art predictive modeling allows us to identify problems early, helping prevent the need for higher levels of care.
  • We go beyond mail and telephone contact to engage a high percentage of individuals in person, which leads to improved communication, greater patient engagement, more effective care and better outcomes.
  • We have a high success rate in guiding patients to manage their own care.

A leader in providing effective, high-quality healthcare services

Monroe Plan for Medical Care is a not-for-profit health care services organization that has been meeting the needs of our members for over 50 years.  Following our mission and vision to improve the health status of individuals and families who are recipients of government sponsored health insurance, Monroe Plan's high-quality services and innovative clinical care management programs are structured to meet the unique needs of members, providers, health care organizations and the communities we serve. Monroe Plan has consistently been recognized as a national leader in the "safety net" area, with a proven track record of improving health outcomes and reducing disparities by supporting a health care delivery system that ensures the availability of high-quality medical care for all.

While Monroe Plan’s mission has remained a constant, we have continuously adapted and evolved our business model to ensure members’ needs are met. Today, Monroe Plan serves individuals in government sponsored programs in the Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, and Albany areas in three distinct ways.  At our inception, Monroe Plan established an Independent Physician Association (IPA) uniquely dedicated to serving government sponsored program recipients. Monroe Plan’s IPA has thrived and today represents over 10,000 providers in Western NY. Monroe Plan also has a robust and growing Health Home Care Management Agency (CMA) that is contracted with Health Home Hubs serving 24 counties. Our CMA is widely recognized for providing expert and empathetic support to members and positively impacting health care outcomes as a result.  Finally, Monroe Plan is the parent company of MP CareSolutions, a Healthcare Management Services Subsidiary. Through MP CareSolutions, we provide services to healthcare companies, large and small, offering expertise in care management, utilization management analytics, back office operations, provider network operations and support and more. 

Our Services

MP CareSolutions provides a complete continuum of Care Management services. We work closely with you to provide a customized approach that fits your organization’s needs.

  • NCQA-accredited case management program for the management of physical and behavioral conditions.
  • Preventive service identification to close gaps in care.
  • Outreach to patients to engage them in managing their own care.
  • Education of patients and their families.
  • Care management by RNs and behavioral health experts.
  • Coordination with clinicians, providers and community resources.
  • Psychosocial support and linkage to community services, including help with budgeting, housing, food and clothing.
  • Incentives to encourage better self-care.
  • Coordinating transportation to appointments.
  • Transitional care, support and coordination.
  • NCQA-accredited program for utilization management
  • Special Needs Plan support.
  • Early adopter for 2013 NCQA Care Management Accreditation.
Let us help you provide the very best care.

We eliminate barriers to good health. It’s the most important thing to your organization—and to ours. Let us help you do it in the most effective way possible. For more information, contact MP CareSolutions at 585-256-8464.

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