Powerful analytics as a foundation for quality of care.

MP CareSolutions has a highly-skilled Informatics team with reporting capabilities that are unparalleled in the industry. We invest heavily in our data and analytics team and platforms, which places us on the cutting-edge of the emerging analytics industry. This substantial investment in talent and resources allows MP CareSolutions' staff to effectively and efficiently identify and address opportunities to achieve the goals of the Triple Aim.

Experience to lead the way

MP CareSolutions has extensive experience using sophisticated tools and customer tailored approaches to culling and manipulating data to drive business solutions and improvements including:

  • Analyzing claims management data to manage risk and measure quality
  • Combining traditional claims data with other data sources, such as patient and practice-acquired data, for measurement purposes
  • Utilizing serval different risk adjustment approaches
  • Designing custom predictive models for cost, likelihood of hospitalization and other critical clinical or operational events
  • Providing risk stratification and member profiling to clinical teams through integrated care management tools
  • Leveraging analytics supplied by other partners, vendors and customers and external sources

Technology Platforms

Our use and understanding of technology is broad and deep. The MP CareSolutions team has specific expertise utilizing two integrated state-of-the-art systems to support our Care Management activities. Casetrakker is a software application that enables us to track and coordinate patient cases, making interventions quick and effective. MedInsight is a predictive modeling and reporting system for medical, financial, and quality-of-care analytics. Our team of professionals is extremely adept at staying on the leading edge of emerging and evolving technology.

A leader in Healthcare Analytics

Our team uses predictive modeling, visualization tools, and statistical analysis to support advanced and sophisticated evaluations of population management programs. These tools, combined with patient compliance and practice quality, have allowed MP CareSolutions to design custom predictive models to stratify safety net populations for healthcare risks. We have worked with the University of North Carolina and the University of Rochester Medical Center to develop rigorous program evaluations for the Centers for Disease Control and Robert Wood Johnson-funded projects.  These bodies of work have been recognized and published in peer-reviewed journals.

MP CareSolutions is a leader in the use of tracking and predictive modeling systems to provide better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction at lower costs. Our systems have been tested and proven throughout our 50 plus-year history managing a safety net population within New York State.


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